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Since P&S began in 2020, it was evident from the start that the festival was determined to make a name for itself. Through many challenges, the festival prevailed and showed its resilience as well as mindfulness of their attendees during 2020. We aim to bring a unique festival experience to the festival goer, we do this through integrating music, classic vehicles and diverse vendors with a heavy influence and inspiration from festivals and events from the 1970s.

*Since the first P&S in 2020 the festival has shown a 45% growth rate in attendees over the past 2 years

*Sponsors will reach 1,100+ attendees (projected 2023 attendance count: 1,700)

*Through our social media channels and website our sponsors will reach 2.8k+ Facebook followers, 2.1k+ Instagram followers and our website, which receives 550+ unique visitors each month and 775+ page views each month.

*Power & Sound Revival acts as a brand marketing vehicle for your products and services. Being one of the only festivals on the east coast that blends live music, classic vehicles and that old school feel flawlessly together. We can cater to and reach a diverse but yet specific audience for you and your brand.


Based on social media and website analytics

*59% Male and 41% Female
*37.7% between ages 25-34 and 27.8% between 45-54 *States attendees mainly attend from:
North Carolina
South Carolina

Live Music

“We strive to bring you, your new favorite artists”

The Rockingham Company and its owners Michelle Williams and Olivia Jewell Williams, collectively have over 12+ years of booking experience.


The Steel Woods
Them Dirty Roses
The Josephines
Jive Mother Mary
49 Winchester
Rob Leines
Whiskey Foxtrot
Abby Bryant & The Echoes Chuck Mountain Crenshaw Pentecostal
John Howie Jr. & the Rosewood Bluff Silver Tongue Devils



We can create a tailored sponsorship package and marketing strategy to fit any client’s needs!

Down below are all the various ways we can promote your brand…

Pre-Event Promotion
Onsite Promotion
Hospitality and Other Benefits May Include...

Power & Sound Revival and Arts & Trade Of North Carolina

Michelle and Olivia created Arts & Trade of North Carolina to help give back to the community that they love to support. Since 2022, Power & Sound has donated a percentage of their gross sales to ATNC and will continue to do so in 2023. Down below is a bit more info on the mission of the Arts & Trade of North Carolina.

Based in Reidsville, North Carolina, Arts & Trade of North Carolina (ATNC) mission is to passionately support and back local artists, tradespeople and creators. ATNC was founded in 2020 and is still in the growing stages. Despite being a young organization they have already set goals and started the process of organizing fundraising events in hopes of furthering their mission. One of the major fundraising events for ATNC will be the annual Power & Sound Revival, along with hopes of several other events held throughout the year.

The foundation of ATNC’s work is in helping as many artists, tradespeople and creators further their creative abilities. This can be done in many different ways, and different routes. In the next 12 months, they hope to give out at least 2 grants to individuals to help them further their education, fund a project and/or pay for needed equipment. Another goal is to work closely with schools to provide teachers with needed equipment/supplies to teach their arts and trade programs. Additionally to these ideas, one more project to help further the mission would be to team up with established artists, tradespeople and creators to help offer apprenticeships to the next generation. What is great about the broad umbrella of “Artists, Tradespeople and Creators” is that they have the opportunity to help many people in lots of different ways. They are excited about the possibilities of what the organization can do to successfully go about their mission.

For more information about partnering with The Rockingham Company, LLC for Power & Sound Revival, 2023, Please contact:

Olivia Jewell Williams