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Wanna be a part of the revival?

Volunteering at our festival is a truly unique way to experience it! We need people for all kinds of jobs during the festival. So, no matter your level of skill, availability or knowledge of working behind the scenes we can definitely find a job for you! Please email us at to start the conversation!

What do you get when you volunteer?

  • One free all day pass for the day you work

  • One free all day parking pass

  • One meal, after your work window

  • Access to snacks and beverages

  • Access to our backstage or vip tent

What hours would you work?

Let us know what works for you! We have 3 different work hour options: 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours. 

You let us know what time of the day is easier for you to work! 

We are very flexible and apt to make it work

What kind of jobs do we offer?

  • Security

  • Parking

  • Trash pick up

  • Stagehand

  • Car & bike show

  • VIP tent attendant

  • Backstage tent attendant

  • Ticket sales

  • Beer sales/beer garden

  • Bathroom attendant

  • Runners (what do you do? Well, we don’t know yet. You would be on call for any job. For example everything from grabbing ice, hosting the bands, to grabbing some paperwork for us. We suggest this job to someone that is up to do anything)